Riparian South


This project is seeking to enhance a section of the north-south stream continuing from the intersection where the Riparian North segment and is joined by the Ripariant East stream. This southern segment is also 6-8 feet wide and extends some 250 yards to where it exits the ChicoryLane property to the south-west. The area of concern extends some 50 feet on each side of the stream, varying according to the topography. The stream is the primary natural feature of the area along with wooded and wet meadow areas. The wooded areas include some 15 Crack Willow trees of varying size and age along the length of  this segment as well as a substantial Aspen grove. Also found along its length are numerous Speckled Alders, Shrub Wilows, and a Camalus wet area. The main focus of the enhancement project is maintaining the Crack Willow population and cuting the aspen grove to promote sprouting and an eventual thicket, a preferred habitat for Woodcock. Additional shrub species will also be introduced to extend the food sources and habitat for birds.