Throughout its nearly 50-year hostry, ChicoryLane Farm has evolved through a series of specific undertakings. These have included transitioning from traditional agriculture, to placing the entiire fram in a conservation eassement, to contracting with the USDA's Natural Resources and Conservation Service to create a 16-acre native grassland and a 13-acre native hardwood forest, encouraging an emergent woodland in a repurpose marginal pasture, to managing several exisiting wetlands as well as creating new ones. All of these require on-going maintenance and the occasional project-level sweep to address a particular invasive or other problem.

We dare not let our guard down, but these large scale efforts have now enabled us to shift some of our attention to smaller, more focussed, and nore detailed efforts. We are trying to put flesh on the bones of the idea of Ecological Enahncement. We anticipate a succession of smaller, more focused efforts that will accompany our larger on-going activities, but will open up new dimensions and insights into ChicoryLane's extraordinary ecological richness and further potential.

Ecological Enhancement Projects

These projects within ChicoryLane are focused on specific areas on a scale of one to sevral acres, appropriate for individual landowners. The goal is to improve the ecological quality of  the particular area. This is done by addressing a need or opportunity, identifying natural features and native plant species found in the area, and then by increasing or decreasing their numbers as deemed appropriate. New compatible species may also be introduced. The rule of thumb, though, is to rcognize the elements within an area, makes changes for specific reason, balanced against preserving what is there.

May, 2022