Front Field

3.1 Red Maple - Mixed Shrub Palustrine Woodland (Planted)

This 3-4 acre planted woodland lies west of the farm pond and continues out to our public road;  it is bounded on the south by the farm lane and on the north by our property line.  The central portion tends to stay wet from seeps but dries out to the west as it approaches the road.  It was planted through a Penns Valley Conservation Association (PVCA) program in 2004 with a variety of wet-tolerant trees and shrubs that approximate the Red Maple -- Mixed Shrub Palustrine Woodland plant community.  These include Red Maple, Swamp White Oak, Pin Oak, Black Ash, Green Ash, White Pine, various Willows, as well as Dogwood and Maple Virburnum.





July 30, 2011