Front Meadow


This list was compiled in September, 2011.  The meadow is in the area we call the Front Meadow.  It is a Black Willow Shrub Wetland, approximately 4-5 acres in size, and partially riparian.  It lies south of the Vernal Pools, across the creek.

The current list is partial.  We will continue to add to the list as new varieties are observed and identified.  The list is currently maintained as an excel spreadsheet, but we hope to extend it to a database format.

Common Name Biological Name
1 Calamus Acorus calamus
2 New England aster Aster novae-angliae   
3 Devil's beggar ticks Bidens frondosa   
4 Bur-Marigold Bidens laevis
5 Turtlehead Chelone glabra
6 Black Cohosh Cimicifuga racemosa
7 Teasel (Common) Dipsacus fullonum   
8 Joe Pye weed Eutrochium fistulosum   
9 Jewelweed (orange) Impatiens capensis
10 Jewelweed (yellow) Impatiens pallida
11 Canada Lily (red form) Lilium canadense
12 Blue lobelia Lobelia siphilitica
13 Purple loosestrife Lythrum salicaria
14 Monkeyflower Mimulus ringens   
15 Sensitive Fern Onoclea sensibilis
16 Clearweed Pilea pumila
16 Arrow-leaved tearthumb Polygonum sagittatum
17 Green-headed coneflower Rudbeckia laciniata
18 Canada goldenrod Solidago canadensi
19 Solidago canadensis  Solidago canadensis 
20 Lance-leaved goldenrod Solidago graminifolia
21 Gray goldenrod Solidago nemoralis
22 Sweet goldenrod Solidago odora
23 Rough-stemmed goldenrod Solidago rugosa
24 Tall meadow rue Thalictrum polygamum
25 Blue vervain Verbena hastata

September 20, 2011