1.1 Pollinator Field (Planted)

This small, three-quarter acre field was planted in 2011 with some 20 varieties of primarily native wild flowers but including several clovers and non-native plants that bloom at appropriate times.  The purpose of this field is to provide food for bees, butterflies, and other pollinators to increase their numbers.  It lies east of the house and yard, north of the same hillside that the house faces, and south of the Mesic Grassland.  It was built with the support from USDA through their Wildlife Habitat Improvement Program (WHIP).

1.2 Mesic Grassland (Planted)

This area -- a little more than 15 acres -- is a grassland planted in 2006 with support from USDA through their Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program (CREP). It includes a 30-foot periphery of cool season grasses -- Timothy and Orchard grasses -- and a 12 acre center of warm season grasses -- Big Blue Stem, Little Blue Stem, Switch Grass, Indian Grass, and Side-Oats Gramma.  This combination is consistent with a Mesic Grassland community, having moderate moisture.  It lies north of the house, yard, and pollinator field and extends to the north and east boundaries of the farm.  On the west, it adjoins the Wet Meadow.






August 3, 2011