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This list was compiled in May, 2011.  It is a partial list that we will continue to fill out.  It is primarily native plants in a 3-4 acre area, but mostly those we consider to be interesting.  It needs to be expanded to include the many less noticeable, or even annoying, plants that cohabit with their more favored brethren.  But it is a start. 

The list reflects our use of native plants in the landscape.  In some cases, we have entire beds of native plants.  In others, natives are mixed with cultivars.  And in still others, we have noted plants at the edge of the yard or stream that we like and value but are mixed in with the "weeds."  These distinctions can be inferred from the location attribute.

The list is currently maintained as an excel spreadsheet, but we hope to extend it to a database format.

Common Name Biological Name Location Comments
1 Chicory Cichorium intybus parking area  
2 Butterfly weed Asclepias tuberosa parking area orange
3 Tansy Tanacetum vulgare parking area  
4 Queen Anne's lace Daucus carota parking area  
5 Dandelion Taraxacum officinale  parking area  
6 Ginger (wild) Asarum canadense chestnut tree bed  
7 Hepatica Hebatica americana chestnut tree bed  
8 Snakeroot Actaea racemosa chestnut tree bed Black cohosh
9 Blue cohosh Caulophyllum thalictroides chestnut tree bed  
10 Doll's eyes Actaea pachypoda chestnut tree bed  
11 Bloodroot Sanguinaria canadensi chestnut tree bed  
12 Solomon's seal  Polygonatum commutatum chestnut tree bed cultivar
13 Virginia waterleaf Hydrophyllum virginianum chestnut tree bed  
14 Solomon's plume Maianthemum racemosum chestnut tree bed  
15 Blue-eyed grass Sisyrinchium chestnut tree bed  
16 Sweet fern Comptonia peregrina chestnut tree bed by steps
17 Purple coneflower Echinacea purpurea house foundation: west  
18 Bergamot Monarda didyma house foundation: west red, Bee balm
19 Royal Osumnda regalis fernbed  
20 Maidenhair Adiantum fernbed  
21 Bracken Pteridium aquilinum fernbed  
22 Interrupted Osmunda claytoniana fernbed  
23 Cinnamon Osmunda cinnamomea fernbed  
24 Christmas  Polystichum acrostichoides fernbed  
25 Ostrich Matteuccia struthiopteris fernbed  
26 Sensitive Onoclea sensibilis fernbed  
27 Hay-scented Dennstaedtia punctilobula fernbed  
28 Bergamont (Lavender) Mondarda fistulosa meadow index bed  
29 Queen Anne's lace Daucus carota meadow index bed  
30 Cranberry viburnum Virburnum trilobum woodshed bed, east  
31 Elderberry Sambucus canadensis woodshed bed, east  
32 Blackhaw viburnum Virburnum prunifolium woodshed bed, east  
33 Red osier dogwood Cornus servicea woodshed bed, east  
34 Chokeberry Aronia melanocarpa woodshed bed, east  
35 Spicebush Lindera benzoin woodshed bed, east  
36 Hearts aburstin' Euonymus americanus woodshed bed, east Strawberry bush
37 Wild geranium Geranium maculatum shower bed  
38 Kankakee mallow Ilianna remota shower bed  
39 Mayapple Podophyllum peltatum shower bed  
40 Black cohosh (Snakeroot) Actaea racemosa shower bed  
41 Solomon's seal  Polygonatum commutatum shower bed cultivar
42 Daylily Hemerocallis fulva shower bed wild, orange, double
43 Amsonia Amsonia tabernaemontana shower bed  
44 Gentian Gentian andrewsii shower bed  
45 Trillium (White) Trillium grandiflorum shower bed white
46 Wild phlox Phlox divaricate shower bed  
47 Blue-eyed grass Sisyrinchium shower bed  
48 Crested iris Iris cristata shower bed  
49 Yellow-flag iris Iris pseudacorus  shower bed  
50 Jack-in-the-pulpit Arisaema triphyllum shower bed  
51 Green dragon Arisaema dracontium shower bed  
52 Goldenseal Hydrastis canadensis shower bed  
53 Bloodroot Sanguinaria canadensi across the creek bed  
54 Crested iris Iris cristata across the creek bed  
55 Ginger Asarum canadense across the creek bed wild
56 Wake-robin Trillium erectum across the creek bed red, Bee balm
57 Trillium (White) Trillium grandiflorum across the creek bed white
58 Columbine Aquilegia canadensis across the creek bed red/yellow
59 Shooting star (While) Dodecathean meadia across the creek bed  
60 Ramp Allium tricoccum across the creek bed  
61 Doll's eyes Actaea pachypoda across the creek bed  
62 Solomon's plume Maianthemum racemosum across the creek bed  
63 Aspen (Trembling) Populus tremuloides aspen grove  
64 Maidenhair Adiantum aspen grove  
65 Foamflower Tiarella coridifolia aspen grove  
66 Hoary skullcap Scutellalria incana aspen grove  
67 Culver's root Veronicastrum virginicum aspen grove  
68 Virgin's bower Clematis virginiana corncrib native
69 Wild cucumber vine Echinocystis lobata corncrib  
70 Bindweed Calystegia sepium corncrib  


May  14, 2011