Upper Wetland

2.1 Wet Meadow (Natural)

This naturally occurring Wet Meadow is riparian, running largely north-to-south, and comprising 2-3 acres.  It is highlighted  by several clumps of New York ironweed that glow purple in the fall.  It lies west of the Grassland and east of the Cat-tail Marsh.

2.2 Cat-tail Marsh (Natural)

This small Cat-tail Marsh -- less than a half-acre -- lies west of the Grassland and is bounded on the west and south by an all-season stream, some 6 to 8 feet across, that enters the farm near its north-west corner, meanders south before swinging west and exiting the property.  The marsh is kept wet year-around by a second small, 1-2 foot all-weather stream that comes from a spring in a neighbor farm pasture.  The marsh is dominated by Cat-tails (as the name implies), Calamus, Sensitive Ferns, the would-be invasive Purple Loosestrife, Jewel Weed, and Tussock Sedge.  It is accessible from a low-impact puncheon walkway that "floats" on the wet ground.

2.3 Farm Pond (Built & Planted)

This small, half-acre pond lies south-west of the marsh, west of the larger stream, and north of our farm lane.  It was constructed in 1975 by neighbor-excavators with support from a USDA Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service program.  It is oval in shape with a visual barrier on the west of hybrid poplars.  Prominent plants include a large swath of native Daylilies, Cat-tails, Yellow and Blue Flag Irises, and Sumac.





July 19, 2011