Riparian North

Plant Palettes

Plant Palettes are primarily native species currently found in an area. They serve as groupings we use for plannig purposes. Numbers of some species will be increased if doing so would increase food sources or provide additional cover. Some  will be increased if current populations are small. Others will be increased if they thrive when planted close to one another (e.g., American Plum). Still others to enable easy identification or differentation (Nannyberry vs. Blackhaw Vibernum). And some will be scattered to provide variety of function and appearance. In a few cases, we will introduce compatible species not currently found in an area if doing so would contribute a new function or varietal element. And,of course, we will seek to control or reduce species viewed as invasive or otherwise undesirble.

From these considerations, we plan changes we expect to enhance the ecology of the site. This will lead to further observation and assessment.

Below are the specific Palettes we currently using forthe Riparial North segment of the stream we call Brush Mountain Run.